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We made it back

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Yep late again 🙂 The flight back seemed like it took SO much longer than the trip there. But we arrived safe and sound Tuesday about 4:30pm. We both took Wednesday off, Thursday and Friday were a blur for me. Plus this weekend was our maintenance weekend so we had… Read more »

Day 1

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We got the mpls connection and switch setup and running with very little issue. Other than not all the routes where setup. But we could at least get back to the root of the forest. We still have to get the riverbed setup, its currently not working at any of… Read more »

The first night

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We got to our hotel around 10pm. It looks a like a very nice hotel, but I’m not sure about the area around here. Looking out my window all the buildings look very run down. We are staying at the Royalton I slept for about 4-5 hours. Woke up around… Read more »

China flight

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We’ve made it to Japan without any real issues. Now just a 2 hour flight to Shanghai. Stuart’s handling flying ok, the 12 hour flight did wear on him. I was ready to get off the plan about 10 hours into the trip. The last two hours were a major… Read more »

China Trip

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I’ll be leaving for China on Tuesday. I’ll be there for two weeks to bring one of our sites online with the mpls and reinstall all 60 of their workstations. We’ll also connect one of our small sites to this one. A lot of work for only two weeks time…. Read more »