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User Profile Best Practices For MetaFrame Presentation Server

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An excellent, must-read Citrix support article on user profile best practises for Presentation Server: An effective design of user profiles can make a significant difference in the performance and manageability of a MetaFrame Presentation Server environment. Many of the issues commonly seen in large or complex MetaFrame Presentation Server environments—including… Read more »

Thomas Reskit Version 2.0

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Thomas Koetzing has updated his Citrix4GE Resource Kit: Three years ago I released a Resource Kit for Server-based Computing. The Reskit was downloaded 25.000 times! Today I release the version 2.0 of my Resource Kit with more than 100 Programs and Utilities. The size has grown up to 30MB and… Read more »

Deploying a Pre-Configured Citrix Client using Active Directory

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Jason Conger has written another fine article on deploying a pre-configured Citrix ICA-Client using Active Directory. "This article will show you how to create a pre-configured Citrix Client and leverage Active Directory to deploy the client. You may ask, "Why would I want to use Active Directory to deploy the… Read more »

SurfControl Web Filter Optimized for Citrix Presentation Server(TM) Gains Momentum

Other solutions can work with citrix, but you need to use a proxy server SurfControl has announced continued momentum of its Web Filter optimized for Citrix Presentation Server. With SurfControl you’re able to enforce Internet acceptable use policies, monitor Web usage, and create detailed usage reports on an individual basis…. Read more »

Free PDFCreator (0.9) Released: Terminal Server / Citrix Compatible

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I’ll have to check this out, this could save some major cash! Schinning.net reports that the free PDFCreator has been updated to version 0.9. Amongst the changes is Terminal Server / Citrix compatibility. Download PDCreator 0.9 here. [Via Thincomputing.net]

Citrix Easy Backup Manager

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A great new download form Doug Brown’s site: If you want to backup all your Citrix published applications and have them restored or migrate then you will want to download the Citrix Easy Backup Manager. Simply install it and then click the backup button to export and the restore button… Read more »

Surviving Printing On Citrix

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A new article on the new MSterminalservice.org website written by Stefan Vermeulen. "Printing with Citrix has always been a major problem, causing headaches all around. This article will help you stabilize your printing environment." Read it here. [Via Thincomputing.net]

Troubleshooting Tools For Citrix Environments

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This article provides a detailed list of tools available for troubleshooting Citrix environments. Many of these tools are not made by Citrix and their use is not limited to Citrix-related problems. The document is divided into two sections: Citrix Tools and Third Party Tools. Many of the tools listed are… Read more »

iShadow Desktop Updated (

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I’ll have to check this out when I get back. An update to iShadow Desktop technology preview – is available. This universal ICA-RDP client (some features are yet to be enabled) has multi-window and multi-monitor support. Was tested with 40+ concurrent sessions and is a good candidate for benchmarking… Read more »