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More Genealogy stuff

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I’m doing a little more comparing of the different webby genealogy sites I was talking about here. I’m surprised how many of these sites don’t have a to enter maiden names and married names. So far Genoom, MyFamily, and Kindo don’t seem to support this, but itsourtree and Geni do…. Read more »

Web 2.0 Genealogy Sites

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I’ve found 6 slick web 2.0 genealogy sites, the fun is deciding on which one to spend my time entering all my family history into. Here’s the sites I’ve found http://kindo.com http://www.genoom.com http://www.itsourtree.com http://www.myheritage.com http://www.myfamily.com http://www.geni.com I’ve entered the most data into geni and itsourtree both seem solid. I haven’t… Read more »