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Texas trip

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Image by Bling$Bling via Flickr I spent the last few days in Texas for work. The Texas location is closing this year and they’ve started the process of moving people,equipment,product, etc out of the building. I headed down the gather freed computers and servers. Was well as offer some onsite… Read more »

Small mini rant for Sunday

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Image by Getty Images via Daylife First I’m getting so sick of ‘sort of’ comment spam. They link to their crappy websites that are just selling crap. But they do add a one line comment that has something to do with the post. Most of  the time its broken English… Read more »

links for 2009-02-09

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Fixing those pesky DCOM event log error 10016 in a SharePoint farm environment « Thoughts on computing, SharePoint and all the rest ut it for exchange servers (tags: sharepoint dcom moss) Automating the install of the Application Templates for SharePoint (tags: sharepoint) nearby tweets – instantly find twitterers nearby (or… Read more »