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links for 2008-12-26

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Coupons, Grocery Coupons – The Grocery Game :: Home (tags: shopping coupons savings) Grocery Coupons, Coupons, Free Samples, Online Coupons, Restaurant Coupons (tags: deals shopping coupons savings saving) Coupon codes and discounts for 20,000 online stores! RetailMeNot.com (tags: shopping) Coupons (tags: coupons) CouponSense.com – A Community of Expert Shoppers (tags:… Read more »

links for 2008-12-24

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Top 10 PowerShell scripts that VMware administrators should use « www.run-virtual.com (tags: vmware powershell) Upgrading VI tools on all VMs without reboot | Leo's Ramblings VI powershell toolkit (tags: vmware powershell) VMware: VI Toolkit (for Windows) (tags: scripting vmware esx powershell)

links for 2008-12-14

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Social Enterprise Collaboration with MindTouch Deki – Social Enterprise Collaboration & Integration Platform (tags: opensource wiki work)

links for 2008-12-07

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All Facebook – The Unofficial Facebook Blog – Facebook News and More! (tags: facebook) IT Operations Management | Application Management Tool | Integrien (tags: sysadmin network monitoring) Synology Inc. – NEW NAS Experience – (tags: nas)

Shop Amazon For Free w/ Firefox Add-on Linking to Pirate Bay

Amazon, the world ’s largest online retailer, is under attack by online pirates. An addon for the Firefox browser called ‘Pirates of the Amazon’ makes it possible to shop at the Amazon store but leave without paying a dime. Instead, on Amazon product pages the addon integrates links to ‘free’… Read more »

links for 2008-11-18

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ParaScale Cloud Storage Software – Build your own cloud storage (tags: storage cloud) Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network- Cloud Storage for Large Files (tags: storage grid cloud)

links for 2008-11-02

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Publius (tags: michigan election politics vote) c64s.com – play Commodore 64 games online (no download required) (tags: videogames retro games freeware) Gbridge Download (tags: windows vnc utilities vpn sysadmin) Network Notepad creates quick diagrams and flow charts – Download Squad (tags: visio tools networking network freeware)

links for 2008-11-01

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CMT.com : Shows : The Greatest : 40 Greatest Drinking Songs: Morning After – Part 1 : Countdown Sunday Morning Coming Down (tags: music drinking) EggXpert – jsv35's Budget Builds (Updated 10/19/08) now w/SFF A community site dedicated to Newegg shoppers. Learn, discuss, and get help from knowledgable community members… Read more »

Is 30 over the hill?

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Image via Wikipedia My sister in-law sent this to me. Yep I’m getting old. If you are 30 or older you  will think this is hilarious!!! When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes  about how hard things were when they were… Read more »