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links for 2008-09-30

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Configuring Group Policy for Offline Files: Group Policy (tags: offlinefolders grouppolicy) GPanswers.com :: View topic – Folder Redirection / Offline Files / Synchronization manager (tags: grouppolicy activedirectory gpo offlinefolders)

Vizioncore Product Videos

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Vizioncore Product Videos > Vizioncore has released a number of product demonstration videos to help would be buyers make up their minds. If you aren’t sure what these products do from their Web site desciptions, check out the following videos for more clarification. esxCharter: http://www.vizioncore.com/Videos/esxCharter_SC.html esxMigrator: http://www.vizioncore.com/Videos/esxmigrator_SC.html esxRanger Professional: http://www.vizioncore.com/Videos/esxrangerPro_SC.html… Read more »

Post Nuke – Development Update, January 2007-01

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I’ve been running Postnuke on this site since it started, before that it was phpnuke. Problem is I find myself moving more and more post toward my wordpress site. I thought I would keep all the technical stuff on this site, but its just easier to have all my post… Read more »

Window Clippings 1.2 by Kenny Kerr

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Most of the time I blog about Windows Speech related things, but today I found a really neat utility written by Kenny Kerr I just have to share. It’s called Window Clippings. It makes capturing screen shots of Windows applications much easier than the built in PrintScreen capabilities, and it… Read more »

RE: Citrix: free techie Videos

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Citrix has released some free technical how-to videos: Optimizing Printing in Presentation Server 4 environments Configuring Policies in Presentation Server 4 Understanding and Designing Citrix Presentation Server 4 Farms Deep Dive into Citrix Presentation Server SpeedScreen Technologies Fundamentals of the Citrix Presentation Server Architecture Licensing Essentials Migrating your Microsoft Windows… Read more »