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Free Windows CD/DVD software roundup

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I don’t know how many e-mails I’ve received asking me about alternative solutions to commercial CD and DVD burning applications like Nero and Roxio, so I’ve finally decided to put together a short but sweet list of free applications so you can create your own CDs and DVDs at home…. Read more »

Software Assurance Benefits Comparison Chart

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This chart explains which Software Assurance benefits apply to each Microsoft Volume Licensing program. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=dfaaac74-4aef-4c71-a2fc-b25d3ccd84cd&displaylang=en [Via Rod Trent at myITforum.com]

RE: Mounting ISO files virtually

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The following FREE tool for Windows XP allows image files to be mounted virtually as CD-ROM devices. This tool is provided here for your convenience, and is unsupported by Microsoft Product Support Services.Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Windows XP:http://download.microsoft.com/download/7/b/6/7b6abd84-7841-4978-96f5-bd58df02efa2/winxpvirtualcdcontrolpanel_21.exe [Via Duncan McAlynn’s Microsoft Management Blog]

ESX Performance Tuning documentation Series

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An series of performance related papers for VMware’s ESX Server. Pretty deep. • Isolating Performance Problems (PDF) This paper provides an overview of the process used to troubleshoot performance problems in the ESX Server environment. • Representing Physical Machines in the Virtual World (PDF) This paper describes the process for… Read more »

VMware vs Microsoft enterprise virtualization platforms comparison

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Fujitsu-Siemens just released an interesting paper comparing VMware GSX and ESX Server, and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Enterprise Edition: Today’s server systems are extremely efficient. Applications frequently only use a fraction of the servers’ resources. Server virtualization makes it possible to run several operating systems on one server at the… Read more »

Patch Your PostNuke Sites!

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We have been notified by ‘Gulftech Security’ about a security issue with the Members_List module resulting in a one file patch. Please update your PostNuke sites ASAP. You may download the patch here. Please note the main package has been updated so there is no need to apply the patch… Read more »

One Man’s View

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To those extremists that perpetrated this crime against our nation, I have a warning for you. There are those of us who look at your actions as irrational, twisted, and completely inhuman. By all measures, what you have done can only be seen as insane. I have news for you…. Read more »

November 1 2001

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updated calendar updated My_Egallery, uploads work now Need to update PN users list, Private message link from PN users list doesn’t work. I downloaded PN users list and whoisonline also a guest book.

WWF/WCW/ECW InVasion 2001

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For years, Steve Austin has preached “DTA: Don’t Trust Anybody”… but the fans didn’t seem to pay attention, as they once again got 100% behind the Texas Rattlesnake in the past week. And tonight at Invasion, Austin reminded us why he lives by the DTA motto: because he’s a low… Read more »