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Excel’s Shared Workbook Feature

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Often times a document or spreadsheet is not compiled by a single person but rather requires input for multiple people. In Excel, you can create a shared workbook and store it on the network so it can be edited by the necessary users. This way each person can add information… Read more »

VMware Player

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This looks sweet. I just wonder about licensing of the software running in the VM? Brilliant stuff! VMware Player is free software that enables PC users to easily run any virtual machine on a Windows or Linux PC. VMware Player runs virtual machines created by VMware Workstation, GSX Server or… Read more »

Three New VMware Books

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Some VMmware reading. Experts in the community have written new books about VMware: The VMware Workstation 5 Handbook (Networking & Security) by Steven Warren VMware ESX Server: Advanced Technical Design Guide by Ron Oglesby, Scott Herold Virtualization with VMware ESX Server by Al Muller, S. Wilson, D. Happe, G. Humphrey…. Read more »

Greetings from China

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That’s right I’m in China! I’m here to help setup a network at our china location. I left Saturday morning and we didn’t get into our hotel until about 10:30pm Sunday night. I lost my entire weekend on the plane and with the time change. More to come….. jb

Blogroll v1.0 released

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I’ll add this right after I upgrade the to latest site code. Blogroll is module allowing you to manage your blogroll. While a simple blogroll can easily be acomplished with a HTML block this module adds support for XFN relationships (XHTML Friends Network). XFN allows you to define your relationship… Read more »

The Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks

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A way to keep an eye on disk fragmentation over the network….Interesting. I’ll have to test this one next week. The Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks is a stand-alone utility that detects and reports fragmentation-related performance loss on networked systems. It provides this info through an easy to use console… Read more »

Cracking WEP in 10 minutes

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I need to give this a try Monday at work. Yesterday I started noticing referral traffic from myscreencast.com, a phpbb-based community site for finding and sharing screencasts. The most entertaining one I found is called Cracking WEP in 10 minutes. It was produced with Camtasia, but the action takes place… Read more »

Exchange Security at Microsoft

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Presented by Konstantin Ryvkin of Microsoft’s internal Messaging Group. Two key aspects that were identified. 1. Need to identify exactly what you are trying to protect2. Need to identify what you are trying to protect it from 4 areas of security 1. Exchange environment security2. Windows Server and Exchange Server… Read more »

Cracking WEP

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Need to check this out. Tom’s Networking continuing guide. On the heels of part one of Tom’s Networking series on cracking WEP, they unveil part two. Part one explored scanning and identifying networks, part two explores the actual tools and processes, and part three will supposedly offer a long list… Read more »