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Free on-line alternative to MS Office – Zoho, now in on-line and off-line modes

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I’ve tried Google Apps and I wasn’t overly impressed. To me one of the biggest missing pieces was alerts when the document changed. Maybe one of these other products could fit the bill.  Try this for size? and they are also extending the fuctionality of this to include off-line use as well based… Read more »

Online backup services

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I’m just wondering how private the data is on someone else’s servers. What if the company goes out of business? 17 free and low cost web based storage services tried and tested by PC World [Via I want to]

VMX Builder for VMware Player

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Robert Petruska and Ulli Hankeln did it again. Robert Petruska created a bunch of great Windows GUIs for many famous VMware utilities.Ulli Hankeln reversed the VMware virtual hard disks (.vmdk) structure, creating a lot of incredible utilities. Among them there is a batch for producing new VMware virtual machines configuration… Read more »

IT’s Showtime: Exchange Cluster Best Practices

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Scott Schnoll, longtime MVP and now a Technical Writer with Microsoft, gave an “Exchange Server 2003 Cluster Deployments: Best Practices” talk at ITForum 2004. The presentation is available online in full! Here’s the link: http://www.microsoft.com/uk/technet/itsshowtime/sessionh.aspx?videoid=10 (credit where it’s due: I ran across this link at Mark’s blog) [Via Evan’s WebLog]

.htaccess generator (and RSS Weather)

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I’m cleaning out a bunch of old locked items in sharpReader. So I’ll should have a few things to post here. A very nice find by Jennifer! This .htaccess generator wil create the code you need for your .htaccess file for various things – like custom 404 pages, hotlink protection,… Read more »

Waste Time Online

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weezer sumo hangman catch a fly beat the quilters internet tennis bubble trouble monkey moon lander diner office space web zen home, web zen store, (Thanks, Frank). [Boing Boing Blog]

Online at Home!!

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Charter finally got around to hooking up my cable so, Goodbye rabbitears!!! I’ll be able to work on the site from home, so I’m hope to make some changes very soon. Later,jb

Matchmaking service available for online Xbox games

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GameSpy provides an easy-to-use way for Xbox owners to play games such as Halo online. Recently, GameSpot reported on a Linux-based utility that lets Xbox owners play system-link games such as Halo, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2x, and NASCAR Heat 2002 online. Although the system works relatively well, its setup… Read more »

A few small changes

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I’ve been working on the site tonight and added a few changes. There is now a guestbook, say hello. Give me ideas on how I can improve the site or get you to use it more 🙂 Also the Who’s only block now list the users online, makes sense, huh?… Read more »

Nov 15 2001

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I added a guestbook The weather mod is uploaded, but not working Another theme was uploaded, but needs work. I changed the online block and copied its language file to the correct place I need to update the Egallary and Calendar