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Made this light saber and upgraded it yesterday. It works well when I rough play with it. I upgraded it with the duck tape. Also made the mask out of aluminum foil. It doesn’t stay in shape. I also made it to small.

Best Social Media Tools to Search for Images

Often, images are equally as important when tracking online social media trends as the online content that accompanies them. Images are telltale signs of which topics inspire online audiences. As such, an interesting way to track current and changing social media trends is to search for highly circulated images. By… Read more »

Bookmarks for April 8th through April 16th

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These are my links for April 8th through April 16th: Movie Maker | Xtranormal – One True Media – slideshows, free photo sharing, facebook video, slide shows, Facebook slideshows, Facebook codes, free video sharing, video montages. – The SharePoint Users Group – Welcome to TheSUG.org, The SharePoint User Group, running… Read more »