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PostNuke 0.760 RC5 released

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sounds like it time for an upgrade. Hopefully this will fix the issue I’ve been having with topics. After weeks of hard work, tonight the PostNuke development team released the fifth release candidate of the coming version 0.760. This release candidate is expected to be the final build before a… Read more »

PHP Blogging apps vulnerable to exploit

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Test post to see if just updating the xmlrpc files cause any problems. Get yourself immunized now. XML-RPC exploit which affects PostNuke, WordPress, Drupal, Serendipity, phpAdsNew, phpWiki and phpMyFAQ. Perhaps others. [Daily Journey Detritus] Link [Via JayAllen – The Daily Journey]

TagIt Shoutbox 1.1

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First, I added two new forums for the FlashGame, one is for any problems,questions,ideas. The other is for trash talking. Enjoy. Second, I’ve thought about adding a shoutbox to the site, but wonder if anyone would care to use it. Here’s some information about the one I’m looking at, let… Read more »

pnFlashGames 1.5 Released!

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Should I add this module to the site? After many enhancements the 1.5 release incorporates a wide range of new features and fixes. This is actually two releases in one, the unofficial 1.1 release and the 1.5 release. Most of the 1.5 enhancements are administrative in nature, with easier control… Read more »

updated backend.php

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I updated the backend.php file so it now lists a pubDate, so more RSS readers can list the news items by date. I’m looking to submit it to the postnuke CVS. So everyone can use it. If anyone is interested in downloading it, let me know and I’ll post it… Read more »

Site updated

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I sent most of today getting the site updated. Its running the newest PostNuke and Forum code. I still need to update the user points, calendar, and MeG. I’ll work on that tomorrow. I had to change the theme during the upgrade. I’ll try to find a better one soon…. Read more »

lack of updates

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Sorry for the lack of updates. The application I was using to post to the site w.bloggar. Stopped working for my postnuke site. I don’t know what changed. If it was a security change by my host or what. The program still works on my MT site. A new version… Read more »

Short-URLs for PostNuke

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Hi Everybody have the problem "how can I include my web in Google?" Best system is Short Urls but it always has been a little difficult to install and many times it is integrated in your theme…… READ MORE [pnModules]