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Patch Your PostNuke Sites!

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We have been notified by ‘Gulftech Security’ about a security issue with the Members_List module resulting in a one file patch. Please update your PostNuke sites ASAP. You may download the patch here. Please note the main package has been updated so there is no need to apply the patch… Read more »

Site Upgrade

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I finally got around to upgrading the site. I’m hoping to upgrade, add, and remove a few modules tomorrow. But for now, we are atleast running the newest PostNuke code. .7.2.6 later,jb

New Version of MyHeadlines Mod

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I’m not sure, I’m going to upgrade. I don’t think many people even use the MyHeadlines Module. I know I need to update more often, sorry Life’s been tough lately. [pnModules]

Not much going on.

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Sorry for not posting lately. There hasn’t been much going on. I’m waiting for the next Postnuke upgrade, then I’ll update and remove some of the modules. Also has I’m sure you notice, I removed the banners from the top of the page. They aren’t worth is anymore, plus I… Read more »

Not much new

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Sorry for the lack of new post. I haven’t had much time lately with the new house and summer coming. Plus there hasn’t been much new development for PostNuke lately. later,jb

Testing user points

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Just a test for the user points. I’m hoping to upgrade the site to the current version of postnuke soon. I’ll let you know jb

November 3

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Updated to PostNuke .721 Using PNcUserHack v1.5 from http://dev.pnconcept.com for user register Need to find better way for current users to reset password Updated forums to 1.81.1 Added Topics block more to come today

General News

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I got my new car Wednesday! Its a pontiac Vibe. Its sweet. I got the AWD model in Silver. We are having more set backs with the house. Now the square footage on the main floor isn’t enough for township rules, so they are working on redesigning it. I HATE… Read more »

Member List bug

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Posted by pabluski on Aug 07, 2002 – 04:37 AM at http://www.postnuke.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=2104 I have noticed that when a member list is displayed and none of said members have a “url” entry, the list is not formatted properly. To remedy this I have the following one-byte patch: in line 267 of… Read more »