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links for 2008-12-15

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drop.io (tags: free storage online upload sharing) Dropbox – Home – Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy. (tags: storage online windows sync) Free File Hosting – File Dropper: File Host for Mp3, Videos, Music, Documents. (tags: freeware storage online hosting transfer upload) File Shaker – Free File Hosting (tags:… Read more »

links for 2008-11-18

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ParaScale Cloud Storage Software – Build your own cloud storage (tags: storage cloud) Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network- Cloud Storage for Large Files (tags: storage grid cloud)

links for 2008-11-01

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CMT.com : Shows : The Greatest : 40 Greatest Drinking Songs: Morning After – Part 1 : Countdown Sunday Morning Coming Down (tags: music drinking) EggXpert – jsv35's Budget Builds (Updated 10/19/08) now w/SFF A community site dedicated to Newegg shoppers. Learn, discuss, and get help from knowledgable community members… Read more »

links for 2008-08-30

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Free Money Finance: Anyone Out There Use Coupon-Clipping Websites? (tags: money coupon) NoMachine NX – Desktop Virtualization and Remote Access Management Software (tags: windows vnc ubuntu remote x11) Virtual Geek: UPDATED! Get Yer Celerra Virtual Machine here! Running the Celerra simulator on ESX (tags: vmware virtual esx celerra emc)

Podcast listening software question

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I’m looking for software or website that lets me listen to podcasts, but allows me to mark them where I’m at and shutdown the software or close the website. I normally don’t get to listen to an entire podcast in one setting, and windows media player loses my place when… Read more »

Reinstall Windows and outfit your system with all freeware programs

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After just coming back to XP (link) This is a great list of new free software to try.   Description: I recently clean installed Windows XP on my laptop, and this meant that I had to re-install all the essential software that I use. It also presented an opportunity to… Read more »

Window Clippings 1.2 by Kenny Kerr

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Most of the time I blog about Windows Speech related things, but today I found a really neat utility written by Kenny Kerr I just have to share. It’s called Window Clippings. It makes capturing screen shots of Windows applications much easier than the built in PrintScreen capabilities, and it… Read more »

Unbelievable Remote Desktop Software!!!

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I’ve been looking for a good tool that allows me to manage a large amount of servers via Remote Desktop for…well for as long as I can remember. I’ve become tired of the Remote Desktops MMC because of its lack of features. Yesterday I found a truly unbelievable…(read more) [Via… Read more »