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Made this light saber and upgraded it yesterday. It works well when I rough play with it. I upgraded it with the duck tape. Also made the mask out of aluminum foil. It doesn’t stay in shape. I also made it to small.

old school star wars

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This to Brajeshwar twit, I found this awesome star wars picture View full size at http://twitpic.com/aqxqf   Can you name all the characters pictured above?

The 50 Most Unique Representations Of Darth Vader

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Image by kirainet via Flickr I love star wars and Gremlindog has a great list of unique Darth Vader’s, check it out. Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker; the Republic’s Only Hope; Luke’s Father; the Emperor’s Apprentice; and One of the Most Recognizable Characters in all of Pop Culture. Darth Vader… Read more »

Star Wars Dance off 2008

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I love star wars, even the way corny stuff!!! Ma.tt Thanks for the link Technorati Tags: star wars,video,youtube   [tags]star wars[/tags]