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The Muppets on YouTube

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I loved the muppets growing up and I’m going to get the DVD set for Grace when she’s a little older, but it sounds like there might be a new muppet movie and TV show. But they’ve put some new videos up on youtube. Check them out:  

24 – The early years

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Sorry, I couldn’t get the embedded video to work correctly. AOL, Dial-up, pagers….boy has communication changed. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1788161 [tags]24, tv, video, funny[/tags]

Two quick links on vmware and Citrix

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Citrix WI: A while ago I wrote a bit that I was gonna write an howto how you can fuse the sharepoint 2003 look&feel web interface of Jason Conger with the infocenter that Thomas Koetzing created……..Read the rest at: http://www.datacrash.net/howtos/howto/fuse-j-conger–t-koetzing-web-interfaces.html Vmware: Of recent there has been some discussion (both internally… Read more »

RSS feed for BitTorrent files

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I’ve never really tried to use BitTorrent files because it seem to be a pain to find files and it was mostly TV shows. Now if I can just keep an eye on RSS feeds to find files……hmmmm …discovered by Blogdigger. Subscribe to this feed to get the latest BitTorrent… Read more »

Restoring Outlook “Special” Icon on the Desktop

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This icon actually takes you to the program properties dialog boxes when you right click o­n them and click the Properties command. Sometimes an errant program can wipe out these special icons. Here's what you need to do to get them back: Open the Registry Editor (regedt32) from the Run… Read more »

Secret Windows Software You Already Own

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By Chris PirilloMay 9, 2002 I like downloading software, but did you know that some of the best utilities are probably already hiding on your hard drive? I’ll show you how to find these helpful utilities; before you scour the Internet, uncover these goodies and give them a try. I’m… Read more »

Trace Your Family’s Roots

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Discover the connection between computers and genealogy, By Frederick S. Sherman April 1, 2002 From TechTV.Com People who are interested in genealogy happily spend their time trying to identify their ancestors and learn about the places and conditions in which those ancestors lived. As you’ll discover on today’s show, computers… Read more »

WWF/WCW/ECW InVasion 2001

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For years, Steve Austin has preached “DTA: Don’t Trust Anybody”… but the fans didn’t seem to pay attention, as they once again got 100% behind the Texas Rattlesnake in the past week. And tonight at Invasion, Austin reminded us why he lives by the DTA motto: because he’s a low… Read more »