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LEGO The Incredibles Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One

My kids will love this game, we’ve had a great time enjoying the lego games together and we love the Incredibles movie. Looking forward to the second movie coming out this summer.     Content: LEGO The Incredibles Check pre-order price and availability in your Xbox LIVE region Game Description:… Read more »

Video game violence strikes again

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If this looks normal to you, you’ve spent too much time playing video games. Way back when CrackDown first came out for the Xbox 360. I played it so much I used to look for orbs and where I could super jump between builds in real life!! LOL   Related… Read more »

Every Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Fatality

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I haven’t played this game yet, not sure I will, but pushingplay.com lead me to this video of all the fatalities in one video. From what I see they really toned back the fatalities, no decapation, very little blood, all sorta blah. [tags]xbox360, video games[/tags]

Is 30 over the hill?

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Image via Wikipedia My sister in-law sent this to me. Yep I’m getting old. If you are 30 or older you  will think this is hilarious!!! When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes  about how hard things were when they were… Read more »

Xbox games

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I’m loving Madden 08 on the xbox. I’ve downloaded a bunch of demos. So far devil may cry 4 and crackdown are pretty sweet. I want to rent Dead Rising,         Gears of War,         COD4,         and Assassin’s Creed.  … Read more »