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24 – The early years

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Sorry, I couldn’t get the embedded video to work correctly. AOL, Dial-up, pagers….boy has communication changed. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1788161 [tags]24, tv, video, funny[/tags]

Vizioncore Product Videos

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Vizioncore Product Videos > Vizioncore has released a number of product demonstration videos to help would be buyers make up their minds. If you aren’t sure what these products do from their Web site desciptions, check out the following videos for more clarification. esxCharter: http://www.vizioncore.com/Videos/esxCharter_SC.html esxMigrator: http://www.vizioncore.com/Videos/esxmigrator_SC.html esxRanger Professional: http://www.vizioncore.com/Videos/esxrangerPro_SC.html… Read more »

RE: Citrix: free techie Videos

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Citrix has released some free technical how-to videos: Optimizing Printing in Presentation Server 4 environments Configuring Policies in Presentation Server 4 Understanding and Designing Citrix Presentation Server 4 Farms Deep Dive into Citrix Presentation Server SpeedScreen Technologies Fundamentals of the Citrix Presentation Server Architecture Licensing Essentials Migrating your Microsoft Windows… Read more »

101 free apps, sites, and services

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PC World has published an article called 101 Fabulous Freebies which is a round-up of apps, web sites, and services that you can use for free. Their "outrageously useful" tools are broken up into categories like "Tune Up," "Find It," and "Lock It Up," and they’re fairly well-chosen, though I’m… Read more »

Free Windows CD/DVD software roundup

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I don’t know how many e-mails I’ve received asking me about alternative solutions to commercial CD and DVD burning applications like Nero and Roxio, so I’ve finally decided to put together a short but sweet list of free applications so you can create your own CDs and DVDs at home…. Read more »

Hard Drive Help

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The original question was about Monitoring Hard Drives… something that’s always SMART to do. Last week, I chkdsk’ed my D drive and discovered I have 16kb in a single bad sector. Windows did an admirable job at recovering the data that was sitting on / around the affected area. I… Read more »

IT’s Showtime: Exchange Cluster Best Practices

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Scott Schnoll, longtime MVP and now a Technical Writer with Microsoft, gave an “Exchange Server 2003 Cluster Deployments: Best Practices” talk at ITForum 2004. The presentation is available online in full! Here’s the link: http://www.microsoft.com/uk/technet/itsshowtime/sessionh.aspx?videoid=10 (credit where it’s due: I ran across this link at Mark’s blog) [Via Evan’s WebLog]

Matchmaking service available for online Xbox games

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GameSpy provides an easy-to-use way for Xbox owners to play games such as Halo online. Recently, GameSpot reported on a Linux-based utility that lets Xbox owners play system-link games such as Halo, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2x, and NASCAR Heat 2002 online. Although the system works relatively well, its setup… Read more »