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VMware: Stopping a Virtual Machine gone haywire

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  Sometimes a Virtual Machine can’t be stopped via the VIClient. The job just hangs. There are a number of options to stop your Virtual Machine from within the Service Console. Keep in mind that these are last resort options! Stopping the virtual machine by issuing the command vmware-cmd /vmfs/volumes/<datastorename>/<vmname>/<vmname>.vmx… Read more »

ESX 3i Presentation

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  Want to learn more about the new version of ESX 3, dubbed ESX 3i (Intergrated?). Then download this presentation (PDF format) it has all the information you need: Link: Click to access ESX_Server_3i_presentation.pdf ESX 3i Presentation mikelaverick Tue, 18 Sep 2007 13:14:16 GMT

Microsoft details Windows licensing for 3rd party virtualization platforms

 After reading this article is sounds likes like using the datacenter version of windows is the cheapest method using ESX. As I read it you can license one copy of datacenter and run as many VM’s as you want on that machine, including on ESX…..anyone else read this the same… Read more »

ESX Server, NIC Teaming, and VLAN Trunking

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There are actually two different pieces described in this article.  The first is NIC teaming, in which we logically bind together multiple physical NICs for increased throughput and increased fault tolerance.  The second is VLAN trunking, in which we configure the physical switch to pass VLAN traffic directly to ESX… Read more »

Two quick links on vmware and Citrix

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Citrix WI: A while ago I wrote a bit that I was gonna write an howto how you can fuse the sharepoint 2003 look&feel web interface of Jason Conger with the infocenter that Thomas Koetzing created……..Read the rest at: http://www.datacrash.net/howtos/howto/fuse-j-conger–t-koetzing-web-interfaces.html Vmware: Of recent there has been some discussion (both internally… Read more »

Extending partitions with GParted

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Here’s another way to extend your windows partitions in vmware. currently I just attach the dsk file as a secondary drive of another vm, then use diskpart. Since its not the boot or system partition on the second vm diskpart works without an issue. This way sounds just as easy….check… Read more »

VMware makes available Converter 3.0 beta download

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I need to findout with this works with Vcenter V1 or if I have to upgrade to V2. I know it works with ESX 2.5.X After announcing it at beginning of October VMware finally allowed access to early bits of its new P2V / V2V application, Converter 3.0, which will… Read more »

Vizioncore esxMigrator

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I was just talking to other vmware users about the process to move to ESX V3. Now I find this. I’ll have to take a look on the pricing for this, but this could be sweet for the right price. Vizioncore has recently released esxMigrator. esxMigrator provides a powerful tool… Read more »