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Mother Nature must be asleep at the wheel!

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Its October and its in the high 80’s in Michigan!!!! WTF I really don’t mind it, but most of the people around me are b*tching about it. Stone thinks it’s causing more shootings in GR. jb [tags]heat, weather, grand rapids[/tags]

.htaccess generator (and RSS Weather)

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I’m cleaning out a bunch of old locked items in sharpReader. So I’ll should have a few things to post here. A very nice find by Jennifer! This .htaccess generator wil create the code you need for your .htaccess file for various things – like custom 404 pages, hotlink protection,… Read more »

More Site updates

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I updated a few things tonight. First now the weather is once again displayed on the left side of the home page. You can change the city it display to your own liking. Second, You can now send any of the pictures from the Gallery as an Ecard! Last I… Read more »

Site Improvements

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I’ve been busy working on the site over the thanksgiving break. I’ve added lots of new sections. These a list of them: Weather, its limited for right now, but I’m still working on it. You can personalize it to which ever city you want displayed PP-News, Sign up for the… Read more »


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I hacked the MyWeather mod so it will now work in postnuke .64! The admin isn’t standard, and adding locations needs to be revamped, but atleast its working :-)_

A few small changes

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I’ve been working on the site tonight and added a few changes. There is now a guestbook, say hello. Give me ideas on how I can improve the site or get you to use it more 🙂 Also the Who’s only block now list the users online, makes sense, huh?… Read more »

Nov 15 2001

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I added a guestbook The weather mod is uploaded, but not working Another theme was uploaded, but needs work. I changed the online block and copied its language file to the correct place I need to update the Egallary and Calendar

Site Conversion

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I hope everyone’s doing good. I just wanted you all to know the site has been moved over to postnuke. I think is will help the site grow and give us more options. I’ll be adding the calendar, weather, and gallery back very soon. later,jb