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New in Town? No stress!

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image source: http://www.annarbor.com/ When you’re moving to a new area with your family, finding all the resources you need, and doing it gracefully, can be quite the challenge. There’s also the potential culture shock of a new region with new friends and activities- sometimes your self esteem can take a… Read more »

Weekend alone

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Melissa and Grace went to see Melissa’s dad this weekend, so I’m rolling solo this weekend. I rented a few games and have 4 great football games on this weekend. Too bad I have to work tonight (Server maintenance window weekend) I also want to test embedding images with MS… Read more »

Greetings from China

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That’s right I’m in China! I’m here to help setup a network at our china location. I left Saturday morning and we didn’t get into our hotel until about 10:30pm Sunday night. I lost my entire weekend on the plane and with the time change. More to come….. jb

PostNuke 0.760 RC5 released

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sounds like it time for an upgrade. Hopefully this will fix the issue I’ve been having with topics. After weeks of hard work, tonight the PostNuke development team released the fifth release candidate of the coming version 0.760. This release candidate is expected to be the final build before a… Read more »

updated the site

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I updated the site to .760 RC3 this weekend, I was hoping it would fix the issue I’m having with w.bloggar not working. Right now I still need to change the flash banner along the top, a few of those links are broke. I also need to test to see… Read more »

Quick Update

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I’ve updated more modules this weekend. I’m testing out a new forum. Give it a spin, its linked o?n the main menu as phpBB. The points module works with it.Plus I’ve gotten the points module to work with the calendar and the Gallery.I also updated the core code of the… Read more »



* You ever did the “Walk of Shame” home the morning after you “shacked” with a “random” you met at “The Stone” the night before! * You ever attended an “Ima Party”! * The “Malt Shop” was a frequent stop on your way home to the dorms after a night… Read more »

Whats New?

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Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed your 3 day weekend! I just wanted to leave a quick note letting you know about a few extra’s I’ve added to Savage. For one we’ve upgraded to Nuke V5.2, also I have added a block with stock quotes, and a buddy list. You… Read more »