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Xbox LIVE Gold prices going up

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I got an email from Microsoft a few days about the cost of Xbox LIVE Gold memberships going up. They seem to say its because of the additional features coming to Xbox live  this holiday session like ESPN and Video Kinect, with Hulu Plus coming on Xbox LIVE in 2011… Read more »

links for 2009-01-02

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Easy DivX to Xbox 360 Streaming (tags: xbox360 vista xvid) Lightning Ware Home Page (tags: mediacenter xbox360 wmc) DVD-WMV.com (tags: windows mediacenter ripper xbox360 ripping wmv) MCEBuddy (tags: windows mediacenter vista mce vmc) AutoGK Homepage – THE tool for XviD / DivX conversion (tags: windows video ripping xvid) Automen: a… Read more »

Every Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Fatality

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I haven’t played this game yet, not sure I will, but pushingplay.com lead me to this video of all the fatalities in one video. From what I see they really toned back the fatalities, no decapation, very little blood, all sorta blah. [tags]xbox360, video games[/tags]

What’s missing from xbox live

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Image via Wikipedia Maybe this is more of a request for EASports games, but I’ll assume its something xbox live could fix. I tend to play a lot of sports games. I’ve had friends over that have their own xbox live accounts and every time they have to recover their… Read more »