The 13 best 404 pages


We all make mistakes and sometimes we find old links that are no longer used normally you get a boring 404 error page cannot be found. But some websites try to entertain you and get you to stay on their site by creating some unique and funny 404 sites. Here are some of the best. […]

Five fun Android apps you haven’t heard of


Here’s a list of five fun apps for your android device 1 Second Everyday Can you spare a second? That’s all you need for this app. It captures a sec each day and then lets you create a video for the entire year. Get creative with it or don’t its up to you, but it’s […]

Mad Max: Fury Road – Official Main Trailer [HD]

After reading the reviews and checking out the trailer I think I want to see the new Mad Max. it looks like a good old fashion action movie with not much to think about. Have you seen the movie yet? Did you watch the original Mad Max movies again before you saw the new one? […]

WordPress Plugins for image management


Images add so much to a post and to the internet as a whole. Is anyone as old as me and your remember the “old” internet where websites where pretty much all text and you use the mosaic browser? Here’s a few plugins to help you find images for your post. Editorial Assistant by Zemanta […]

WordPress 4.1.2 released today, its a security fix


My sites auto updated to wordpress 4.1.2 today without issue. Read the 4.1.2 change log below A serious critical cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could enable anonymous users to compromise a site. Files with invalid or unsafe names could be upload. Some plugins are vulnerable to an SQL injection attack. A very limited cross-site scripting vulnerability could […]

Computer screen settings for a perfect gaming experience

Though these days the online bingo sites have a good theme and mesmerising colours to keep their players attracted, but without having a good screen you will not have a good gaming experience. It is always better you choose a laptop or desktop that would offer you the best possible view. In order to achieve […]

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