Thinking of mining some bitcoins check this out first


Bitcoins are catching on and are being accepted at lots of online stores and services. Mining bitcoins might sound like an easy way to earn some money. But it takes a very powerful computer and lots of time. Take a look at the infografix below   Bitcoin has spawn other digital currency¬†that may more may […]

My three favorite Android games


This Christmas I got the family each a new kindle fire. The kids are enjoying their kid edition kindles (but the memory size is too small) and my wife loves her updated kindle fire 7. I’m still using my asus transformer but I’ve installed and updated ROM on it. Its kitkat katkiss 4.4.4  The ROM […]

Wednesday reading

Wednesday by niKaraguaXiL

Its been a bit since I shared some links with you all, so how about I change it up and post some in the middle of the week RARflix – a modified Plex/ROKU channel tags:plex roku bn List of rimfire cartridges – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia tags:guns bn Android Auto developer docs show off more […]

mediabrowser is it an alternative to plex?


I’ve been running plex at home for a few years now. Its great software and works very well. They have continued to add features and improve the product. But with all that time and effect they are now charging for the latest features. Its a great product and the developments have every right to charge […]

Enough Stuff an idea in the making

Dominican Republic Christmas Lights by surfergrl1

This morning well getting ready for work I couldn’t get the ice bucket challenge out of my head. It was viral and it seemed like EVERYONE on Facebook was doing it. It did increase the giving for ALS research which is great, but did it help any of the people with ALS now? I started […]

Weekly link list


This is the first weekly link list I will be posting. I wanted an easy way to share the useful links I’ve found throughout the week. This week’s like includes many sites related to chromecast. I picked one up for $25 from groupon and just started testing it this weekend. The unit works well, but […]

Digital rentals for next generation game consoles

New Xbox One by netzkobold

Both Sony and Microsoft have released their first digital subscription service for their respective consoles. I’ve been waiting for a netflix like service for game systems, but the question is do gamers want digital rentals per game, or all you can eat for a monthly cost? Sony went with the rental model with the publisher […]

Diigo link list worked well

This is icon for social networking website. Th...

This Monday diigo created my first link list for Savage Nomads my technology blog. I had it create a draft not auto post, that way I could review the format and information. The look of the post wasn’t too bad, I will continue to create drafts and manually add some context to the opening of […]

Starting a weekly link roundup


I’ve been thinking about this for awhile looking for a good way to share the useful sites and links I find throughout the week. I think I’ve come up with a good process and will start it next week on my technology blog. If it works on well I’ll start using it here too. I […]

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