July 23, 2024
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genealogy update

I’ve always been interested in genealogy with the amount of information available online its easier than ever. But one of the biggest issues is the wall garden of data. There are various site to create, research, and update your family tree or you can still purchase software that you run locally. But all these solutions don’t share data and to really research you almost have to pay for a subscription for each site rebuild your tree or import it to get the full benefits of each site. I’m still trying to figure the best way to pull it all together in one place.

Many moons ago I create a quick list of the sites I was using for research. I thought it’s about time to update the list.

If you know of more or have ideas on how to bring the data from all these sites into one tree let me know. I won’t even start with most of them creating their own DNA research to help find other relatives.

Free Family Tree, Genealogy, Family History, and DNA Testing (myheritage.com)


Trace your Family Tree Online | Genealogy & Ancestry from Findmypast | findmypast.com

WikiTree: The Free Family Tree

Genealogy, Family Trees and Family History Records online – Ancestry.com



How about you. what sites do you use? How do you bring all the research together?

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