Texas trip

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Skycrane-Fort Hood-Texas

Image by Bling$Bling via Flickr

I spent the last few days in Texas for work. The Texas location is closing this year and they’ve started the process of moving people,equipment,product, etc out of the building. I headed down the gather freed computers and servers. Was well as offer some onsite support. The trip down was uneventful other than I can’t believe that the Dallas airport doesn’t have free wireless!!!

I also got a little turned around leaving the airport and it took a little longer to get to my hotel Sunday night.

Monday through today I was in the office. The people there are great and I had some really good food. I was able to free up 3 newer servers and get them heading north. As well as a handful of computers.

Driving back to the airport in Killeen today, I made a wrong turn and ended up at the gates of Fort Hood, Opps. It must happen a lot because they have a U-turn lane.

Anyway I’m at the Killeen airport waiting for the security gate to open. Yes, the Killeen airport has free wireless but not Dallas, WTF!

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