July 17, 2024

Post Nuke – Development Update, January 2007-01

I’ve been running Postnuke on this site since it started, before that it was phpnuke. Problem is I find myself moving more and more post toward my wordpress site. I thought I would keep all the technical stuff on this site, but its just easier to have all my post in one place. So I’m thinking about making this site my photo and games site (it seems like most people that come here are playing the flash games) If I can get gallery2 and the flash games intergrated I’ll look into moving to that and migrate all the news post to my other site.
If any of you have any feedback on what they like or don’t like on the site please let me know.

Anyway here’s some updates on PostNuke .8

Development Update, January 2007-01

This is the the first 2007 update issue, with the aim to communicate the development of PostNuke to the community. Not too technical, not too detailed, but to show what the recent discussions and repository commits are about.

In this issue:

API functionality
Object Library and classes
pnForms: functionality and documentation
System modules: Categories, Search and Blocks
ValueAddons modules
pnRender Plugins

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