July 23, 2024

Follow Friday

I thought I’d put my Twitter follow Friday list on the site this week. Enjoy

@jsinkeywest (John Sullivan)

Bio: blog,blogging,do follow blogs,bloggers,affiliate marketing,I make Blogs that make MONEY 🙂

URL: http://potpolitics.com

Location: San Antonio,Texas

@edsai (Ed Saipetch)

Bio: Tech geek focused on cloud, storage and virtualization. Blogger at breathingdata.com and GestaltIT.com. Father and husband. Sr. vSpecialist at EMC.

URL: http://breathingdata.com

Location: Fishers, IN, USA

@rosscode (Joel Ross)

Bio: A .NET Techie

URL: http://www.rosscode.com

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

@inartiqulate ()

Bio: Silence Is Gold. Duct Tape Is Silver. I’m the cool ass product of some dweeb’s insanity.

URL: http://qscri.be

Location: United Kingdom

@citrixlicensing (John Carey)

Bio: Director WW Licensing & Maintenance Programs Citrix Systems Inc.

URL: http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnmichaelcarey

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

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