Funny Animal Video Friday

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My wife showed me these two videos last night and I thought a good laugh would make everyone’s Friday even better


First is Ultimate dog Tease…even wonder what your dog is thinking?


Now, Pitbull vs kitten with some Guns N Roses to top it off

8 thoughts on “Funny Animal Video Friday

  1. Karen

    I love the first one, having dogs myself and sometimes thinking what they are thinking, this just had me in fits and giggles, thanks for making my day 😉

    1. jayb Post author

      Glad I could make you smile.
      I enjoyed these videos, but I still don’t get the internet’s obsession with catsLOL ???

  2. Ella Callahan

    Even though it’s not Friday we still had a good laugh! Like you I think I’ve seen enough cat videos but my daughter and her friends love them. I think she enjoys them more than her own cat.

  3. Lonnie

    Bwahahahaha!!! A talking dog? And really well made too! Instant subscribe…

    That made my day.. Thank you!! 🙂

  4. Effie Adams

    This was great for a laugh on Sunday (as well as a Friday).! Even though it’s not Friday we still had a good laugh!

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