July 19, 2024

Arrested Development – The Expanded Bluth Family Tree

In honor of the soon to be released new season of Arrested Development on Netflix, I present the expanded Bluth Family Tree.

From Hot Cops to a Loose Seal and every awesome character in between – this non traditional family tree shows the tangled connections of the Bluth universe. ENJOY!




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5 thoughts on “Arrested Development – The Expanded Bluth Family Tree

  1. I have to say, hand on heart, that I’ve never seen the show, OK OK, don’t shout at me!

    But I was reading somewhere today that they are thinking of making a movie from the series, let’s just say that my interest has been sparked 😉

    1. I watched the show when it was on FOX. I don’t currently have netflix so I haven’t caught the new episodes. Its a different kind of humor.

      1. I haven’t got netflix either, but I dare say that the series will eventually come to other networks once they decide to sell it on to satellite stations etc 😉

        1. I’ve heard netflix is trying to become their own producer like HBO, but I don’t know if they can produce enough contect to become a “channel” vs just having exclusive shows on netflix. time will tell.

  2. I`ve actually looked it up because I`ve never seen it and now I am very, very curious. There are so many characters, are you sure this isn`t hard to follow and enjoy?

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