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WordPress 2.8 is out

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Image via CrunchBase I’ll make time to upgrade tomorrow night. But here’s a list of the new features from the Codex site. Its a lot of great stuff, I just wonder if any of my plug-ins will break. Only one way to find out. Highlights New drag-and-drop widgets admin interface… Read more »

links for 2009-05-30

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How to use SharePoint Designer to display list data from subwebs – Todd Klindt's SharePoint Admin Blog (tags: sharepoint) You Had Me At EHLO… : Recipient Policies and pure Exchange 2000/2003 sites (tags: exchange) How to customize the SMTP e-mail address generators through recipient policies (tags: e-mail exchange microsoft)

links for 2009-05-12

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TrueCar Findout what others really paid (tags: auto automotive car compare shopping) SharePoint Management PowerShell scripts – Home (tags: sharepoint powershell) Nerdcentric.com – Home of Script Zombie (tags: freeware scripting sysadmin utilities windows)

links for 2009-04-17

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TheVESI.org – Free Software and Virtualization Community PowerShell IDE (tags: management powershell scripting Virtualization vmware) Administration Scripts and WSUS tools & Utilities : Index (tags: vbscript wsus) How To Delegate the Unlock Account Right (tags: activedirectory microsoft)

links for 2008-12-24

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Top 10 PowerShell scripts that VMware administrators should use « www.run-virtual.com (tags: vmware powershell) Upgrading VI tools on all VMs without reboot | Leo's Ramblings VI powershell toolkit (tags: vmware powershell) VMware: VI Toolkit (for Windows) (tags: scripting vmware esx powershell)

links for 2008-12-07

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All Facebook – The Unofficial Facebook Blog – Facebook News and More! (tags: facebook) IT Operations Management | Application Management Tool | Integrien (tags: sysadmin network monitoring) Synology Inc. – NEW NAS Experience – (tags: nas)

links for 2008-11-02

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Publius (tags: michigan election politics vote) c64s.com – play Commodore 64 games online (no download required) (tags: videogames retro games freeware) Gbridge Download (tags: windows vnc utilities vpn sysadmin) Network Notepad creates quick diagrams and flow charts – Download Squad (tags: visio tools networking network freeware)

links for 2008-09-28

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VI:OPS: Clearspace: VI:OPS (tags: vmware sysadmin virtualization) Robocopy Syntax, Command Line Switches and Examples » My Digital Life (tags: robocopy copy) PuTTY Connection Manager tab interface for putty (tags: tabs putty)

links for 2008-09-11

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Fitbit – Automatically Track Your Fitness and Sleep (tags: wireless tech health monitoring) Download 36 Free Premium WordPress Themes (tags: wordpress) TurboCharge.org Welcome to TurboChargeAD.org, an online community resource presented by NetPro Computing. This is where NetPro and affiliated experts come to share tips, tricks, best practices, and more for… Read more »