July 19, 2024

Interactive Handwriting: 5 Must-Have Apps to Teach Children How to Write

Teaching our children to write is important. Everyone needs to know how to write and spell words correctly to succeed. But teaching our children how to write can be frustrating and time consuming, both for you and your child.

Children don’t like to simply practice writing on a piece of paper. Instead, they learn better when they’re engaged and entertained, and one of the best ways to help your child learn in an entertaining way is to use the help of handwriting apps for smartphones and tablets. Though there are quite a few on the market today, the following are five of our favorite.

1. ABC Easy Writer

ABC Easy Writer is a great way to teach your child how to write. Children simply trace the letters that appear on screen to help them learn how to correctly write them. The app features both lower and upper case letters so that children learn how to write the entire alphabet.

If a child is unsure how to write the letter, they can watch a guided animation that will show them how to correctly write the strokes of each letter. It will also teach them the name of each letter (with the correct pronunciation) so that they can easily recognize it. Plus, the app is so easy to use that children can use it on their own without a parent’s supervision.

2. Big Numbers Trace

Letters aren’t the only thing your child needs to learn how to write—they also need how to learn to write their numbers. Big Numbers Trace is a great app to help your child learn how to recognize and write numbers.

Audio recognition teaches children the names of the numbers and teaches the correct pronunciation. The app is extremely colorful and bright, making it a great attention grabber for all children. Plus, if your child doesn’t know how to write the number, they can watch an animated tutorial to help them learn.

3. ABC Phonics

Reinforce learning of letters with ABC Phonics. This app not only helps your child learn how to write, but it will also give them the basics they need to read.

ABC Phonics is set up as flashcards, and these cards teach your child how to spell words, how to pronounce words, letter recognition and phonetic sounds of each letter. Through the app, your child will also have access to the Letter Balloon Pop Game, which reinforces their learning of letters through interactive gaming.

4. Letter Forms

Letter Forms is a great way to teach your child how to write their letters in both print and cursive. Every letter even has audio to teach the correct pronunciation.

Children learn how to write by simply tracing over each letter and learning how to accurately write it. Due to the cursive, this is a great app for children in preschool through third grade.

5. Alphabet Tracing

Let your child learn how to write their letters while playing with trains, worms and trucks in an interactive app. Alphabet Tracing allows children to trace the letters with their fingers, use the app as their own doodle pad, and even change the colors of the alphabet.

Through the app, you can even create your own PDFs to help children learn, and you can also add your own words and images for additional help and customization.

Julie Myers is a teacher of reading, writing and phonetics. She provides accent reduction classes at Accent Pros.

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  1. Writing is definitely one of the earliest skills that kids should learn. It helps exercise the logical side of the brain to make the kids more intellectually active. Later on, kids will be much more balanced with their logical and kinetic skills. That’s how our new generation of kids improve their writing skills.

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