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Build an Inexpensive Network Security Auditor

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 I’ll have to give this a try at work this week. I’ll just have to find an old notebook. It is always important to know what is going on in your network. And, from time to time, you should perform a simple audit of your network just to determine what… Read more »

China Trip

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I’ll be leaving for China on Tuesday. I’ll be there for two weeks to bring one of our sites online with the mpls and reinstall all 60 of their workstations. We’ll also connect one of our small sites to this one. A lot of work for only two weeks time…. Read more »

More Site updates

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Still updating, fixing, and tweaking the site. I found a this theme I’m going to try, let me know what you think about it. I also fixed the permalinks so they should be working now. I think I’ll add some type of shoutbox so you can send me a quick… Read more »

Test Post

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I changed webhost over the weeekend so I’m just testing things to see what works and what doesn’t. jb

Window Clippings 1.2 by Kenny Kerr

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Most of the time I blog about Windows Speech related things, but today I found a really neat utility written by Kenny Kerr I just have to share. It’s called Window Clippings. It makes capturing screen shots of Windows applications much easier than the built in PrintScreen capabilities, and it… Read more »

Anti-spyware from Microsoft, but which one?

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First Microsoft puts out Microsoft Defender, which is free but do not have central management. Its based on their purchase of Giant Software Now they have the beta of Microsoft Forefront Client Security, which looks like it does both anti-spyware and anti-virus with central management. I’m sure its going to… Read more »

Two quick links on vmware and Citrix

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Citrix WI: A while ago I wrote a bit that I was gonna write an howto how you can fuse the sharepoint 2003 look&feel web interface of Jason Conger with the infocenter that Thomas Koetzing created……..Read the rest at: http://www.datacrash.net/howtos/howto/fuse-j-conger–t-koetzing-web-interfaces.html Vmware: Of recent there has been some discussion (both internally… Read more »

Extending partitions with GParted

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Here’s another way to extend your windows partitions in vmware. currently I just attach the dsk file as a secondary drive of another vm, then use diskpart. Since its not the boot or system partition on the second vm diskpart works without an issue. This way sounds just as easy….check… Read more »