July 23, 2024

Small mini rant for Sunday

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First I’m getting so sick of ‘sort of’ comment spam. They link to their crappy websites that are just selling crap. But they do add a one line comment that has something to do with the post. Most of  the time its broken English saying something like ‘thank you for this great information it will help me buy computer’ or ‘I didn’t know that, this was good information and will help me with career’

So they at least read the post or part of it, but then they link to mycrappyproduct.com and they do this to multiple post in the same time frame. Since they left a somewhat valid comment, I feel like I should approve it. But the blatant spam link bothers me.

Speaking of comments. I’ve been trying to run IntenseDebate on this site since Automattic purchased them. The import still doesn’t fully sync. The amount of moderated comments never matches up. Their spam filter is very weak and support is slow (I understand its free). This site has been around for years using different CMS packages. When I moved to wordpress I imported all my old post and comments. A lot of the really old comments where spam, I was hoping with ID re-importing my comments they would filter out the old spam comments. I think its about time I moved my comments back.

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4 thoughts on “Small mini rant for Sunday

  1. On my blog I get tired of these comments. On days when I am in a good mood I tolerate them but on my cranky days I hit the spam option and eventually their url will end up on the askimet spam list.
    I am totally ok with commenting for a link, but what gets me is those sites that are hiring people from other countries to do this for them.

  2. I guess this is a problem for many bloggers – as soon as you get some readers and pagerank they begin to chase popular posts to add a link (with some of them even trying to overcome the no-follow tag for their links). But I think the poor quality of comments is totally understandable – I've seen people offering to buy comments in batch for mere cents on forums for webmasters. I only wonder if there's some information on how many of such crappy comments get approved and how many are sorted out like spam as I guess many bloggers are less generous than you are.

  3. Many of those "thanks, you helped me with… " comments are automaticaly generated by bots. It's not really the matter of deleting them because since their ammount is overwhelming. You'll hit spam button twice and meanwhile 5 others bloggers will approve their comments just so they can brag about having so much commenters.

  4. Well I finally got sick of ID not blocking the spam comments and turned it off. Hope the new filters I installed stop these junk comments.
    But we still have link luv!!

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