July 23, 2024

Old school game with a new twist

Do you enjoy playing the 8bit games you grew up with for free onlineā€¦

What if I told you one of the all time favorite 8bit games is coming back with as even more old school twist?

Check out this video to get you pumped. Then keep reading



The current version out includes Mario (which would be the same as regular SMB, so it’s a bit boring, but the option is still there), Link (from the Legnd of Zelda Series), Bill R. (from the first Contra game), Simon Belmont (from the first Castlevania game), Mega Man (from the Mega Man series, my personal favorite), and Samus Aran (from the Metroid Series). Each character can play through SMB in a their unique way.




The next version as you saw will also includes Ryu from Ninja Gaiden.

To read more about the game head over to Exploding Rabbit

To Plan the game go HERE

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2 thoughts on “Old school game with a new twist

  1. I played this game. I loved it, what is awesome is that you can use the powers of the particular player you are playing the game with. Mario is certainly one of the most popular arcade game, it is still popular because of this kind of mods and hacks.

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