July 18, 2024

Flower Girls

I had the pleasure of watching my youngest daughter play the part of flower girl for my sister’s wedding. Besides the pleasure of seeing my sister get married before our God and our community, it was thrilling to watch my daughter be a part of it. What can I say? I’m a girl and I cry at weddings even when they aren’t my sister’s. So, when my daughter took part in my sister’s, I was even more emotional.

The family bond is strong one.

My daughter has a fascination with jewelry. Even from a very young age, she would always fiddle with my jewelry when I held her. She especially liked to sit next to me at church and it would sometimes irritate me to feelĀ  my bracelet spinning around my wrist while I was trying to pay attention to the pastor. My sister noticed this, too.

On the day of her wedding, she gave my daughter a gift for her participation in the wedding, as is traditional. I watched my little girl (she’s 9) open a beautiful bracelet with pewter charms. One was a wedding cake and one was a flower. My daughter’s face lit up as my sister told her she could add more as she collected them. There may have even been a bit of squealing. My little one was so excited.

During the wedding ceremony, I saw her touching her new bracelet, staring at it, and spinning it around her wrist as my sister and now brother-in-law exchanged vows. It’s a moment that I’ll remember forever: the little things that make us individuals and make us uniquely family.