June 19, 2024

Help organize your Movies and TV shows

I use Plex to stream my TV and movies to multiple devices around the house. Plex is pretty good at finding show details and cover art, but its always best to keep the files in an organized folder structure. I prefer to keep TV and Movies in different folder and then use a folder structure of that included the show name, season info and title of the episode, for movies I include the year the movie was released.

Do that process manually can be a real pain, but I found a free tool to helpme  make the process easy.

Checkout Filebot it will scan multiple online sources  to find information about the file and help you rename the file including any folder structure to include the information needed for Plex and XBMC to quickly scan your media.


Check out the video below for an example on how easy it is to use




I don’t use them but filebot can also download subtitle files.


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4 thoughts on “Help organize your Movies and TV shows

  1. Thank you Jason for sharing this information on Plex. I havent used this service but was searching through and find your blog..

  2. Have you tried “All My Movies” program for organizing the movies?

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