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Bookmarks for June 17th through July 10th

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These are my links for June 17th through July 10th: WordPress › Postie « WordPress Plugins – Postie offers many advanced features for posting to your blog via e-mail, including the ability to assign categories by name, included pictures and videos, and automatically strip off signatures. It also has support… Read more »

WordPress 2.8 is out

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Image via CrunchBase I’ll make time to upgrade tomorrow night. But here’s a list of the new features from the Codex site. Its a lot of great stuff, I just wonder if any of my plug-ins will break. Only one way to find out. Highlights New drag-and-drop widgets admin interface… Read more »

links for 2009-05-06

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NotifySync – BlackBerry Sync – Sync BlackBerry to PC contacts email and pim data (tags: activesync blackberry) AstraSync – BlackBerry ActiveSync – Connect a BlackBerry to a ActiveSync Exchange Server (tags: activesync blackberry)

Is 30 over the hill?

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Image via Wikipedia My sister in-law sent this to me. Yep I’m getting old. If you are 30 or older you  will think this is hilarious!!! When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes  about how hard things were when they were… Read more »

Canon Camera CCD Image Sensor Issue

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We bought a Canon S1 IS about 3 years ago. Its been a great camera. Around the beginning of October we noticed the LCD screen what all black and it wouldn’t take any photos. I started searching Google to see if anyone else had this problem and come to find… Read more »

Google Apps API

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I’m using Google Apps for this site. Only for email. It works great. I just just wish they had the same API’s and intergration that they do on standard Gmail accounts. For example Plaxo, can now sync with Gmail, but not Google Apps Email, why? So many other mashups intergrate… Read more »

Cool Exchange Tools

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Here’s a bunch of neat tools available freely on the web: Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007: The Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007 is a program that provides an easy way to print and customize Outlook 2007 calendar information. It puts you in control of the tools you need… Read more »

Detect me detect me not

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Well, we run Trend and Mcafee on our Email, but CA Etrust on the desktop… So I have mixed feelings. Monday should be fun. The latest flaw in Windows handling of WMF images files has highlighted some of the differences between Anti-Virus detection rates. With multiple variations of the exploit… Read more »