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Linkbait A Great SEO Strategy

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In the world of search engine optimization, there are some strategies that are definitely better than others. If you want your site to be able to rank highly, you need to get good quality links from strong sites. One of the most effective methods for doing so is using linkbait…. Read more »

Do I Need To Check My Blog For Duplicate Copy

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Plagiarism is an extremely dirty word in the industry of writing. It is one of the fastest, surest ways to completely shoot your credibility to pieces. That does not mean that every instance of duplicate content was a malicious attempt at profiting off another’s work. Highly specialized niche fields can… Read more »

Why I Hate Blogs and Blogging – A Professional’s Insight into the Dark Side of Blogging

I have a confession to make. I hate blogging. Though I am an online professional who makes a living out of managing and generating content for clients worldwide; I still hate blogging – at least what it has turned in to. I feel bad when I see people launching up… Read more »