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My first blog post

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My first blog post

Hey guys! I will be starting a blog. And im looking forward to writing short stories for you to enjoy. I want to write a variety of stories so you never get bored. Dogs, cats, fantasy, dreams, letters,any anything that gets your interest. I am starting this blog because I… Read more »

3 Essential Ways You Should Use Twitter For Your Blog

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Bloggers know that there’s nothing more important than trying to reach a wider audience. In a sea of competition, it’s more difficult now than ever before to get your blog noticed, as thousands of new blogs pop up every week. One resource that often gets overlooked when it comes to… Read more »

Why Should You Use Guest Blogging on Your Blog And How to Attract Guest Bloggers

Nowadays many blogs are open to guest blogging. They give chance to guest bloggers to provide posts related to niche of the blog. In return they get a backlink or some blogs pay small amount of fess to guest bloggers. But still there are many blog owners with conservative approach… Read more »

Do I Need To Check My Blog For Duplicate Copy

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Plagiarism is an extremely dirty word in the industry of writing. It is one of the fastest, surest ways to completely shoot your credibility to pieces. That does not mean that every instance of duplicate content was a malicious attempt at profiting off another’s work. Highly specialized niche fields can… Read more »

3 Effective Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Blog Using Press Release

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Are you looking for effective strategy to promote your blog? Marketing is the process of identifying the exact needs of your target prospects, and designing products and services to fill that need. If you’re an internet marketer, it’s obvious that your primary goal is to make profit. Although, I’ve seen… Read more »