July 23, 2024

Top Entrecard droppers for February

Our computers

Image by aranarth via Flickr

I know this last month a lot of my blogger friends have stopped using EC either because of the ‘ghost dropper’ incident or because they just don’t see the value anymore. I know I don’t drop like I use to but I still enjoy a decent amount of traffic from Entrecards and sill find new blogs to follow and comment on.

So here are my top droppers for February

  • Ramblings of a Haemophiliac
  • My Outsourced Brain
  • Beyond Feron
  • Jean sQuared
  • Patsy’s Words of Wisdom
  • The Snoring Queen
  • Wirez and Circuitz
  • Whateverebay
  • Work At Home

Thank you EC droppers

Jason Benway

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