July 23, 2024

Bookmarks for February 26th through March 25th

These are my links for February 26th through March 25th:

  • 6 Easy Ways to Score the Best Deals with Social Media – Recently on SharePointPro Connections I got a lot of questions for SharePoint RBS. To help people to get clear on this topic here’s a FAQ… For installation and other documentations please refer to my pervious blog post on this topic: SharePoint 2010 Beta with FILESTREAM RBS Provider. Todd Klindt also has a very nice step by step guide: Installing Remote Blob Store (RBS) on SharePoint 2010.
  • The iPhone Exchange ActiveSync Guide – Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat – The iPhone now has most of the functions of the BlackBerry: Over-the-air push and sync of Exchange email, contacts, and calendars! This guide is intended as a concise walkthrough of how to get up and running with an iPhone and Microsoft Exchange server.
  • WordPress › Tweet Old Post « WordPress Plugins – Tweet Old Posts is a plugin designed to tweet your older posts to get more traffic.
    Tweet Old Posts randomly picks your older post based on the interval specified by you. The primary function of this plugin is to promote older blog posts by tweeting about them and getting more traffic.
  • Grand Rapids’ Talk Alternative 1230 AM WTKG
  • Submit Your Blog to Top 20 Directories to Get More Traffic | Technogati#comment-5641 – If you are a blogger,you must need readers to read your blog.That’s why your blog should spread like a viral.There are many more methods to get high traffic but directory submission is one of the best methods to get traffic.

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