July 18, 2024

More Genealogy stuff

I’m doing a little more comparing of the different webby genealogy sites I was talking about here.

I’m surprised how many of these sites don’t have a to enter maiden names and married names. So far Genoom, MyFamily, and Kindo don’t seem to support this, but itsourtree and Geni do.

I think I’m going to go with Geni for now. Since it has full import/export of GEDCOM files. I can always take my data with me. Now if they only had a offline app that would sync with the online version so I could take it to my family reunions. Since most of them don’t have internet or computers. I know I could take notes and update later. But an offline app would be nice..hint..hint ­čÖé

I added a bunch of family member profiles last night. I also started inviting more family to help update it. So far, only my father in-law has signed up.

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