Movies I’m looking forward to this summer

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I love the Xmen movies including Wolverine. The “pre-qual” to Xmen is coming out this summer called Xmen : First class


Transformers 3 is also coming out should be sweet. We where in Chicago this past summer when they were filming part of the movie

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2 thoughts on “Movies I’m looking forward to this summer

  1. Karen

    I was reading about the new X-Men movie some time back and it sounds intriguing, another DVD to add to my Marvel collection when it comes out 😉

    I’m also looking forward to Transformers 3, or should that be Transformers 3D 😉

  2. jayb Post author

    The Iron man movies are also really good.

    I’m not into the whole 3D thing, I really don’t like going to the theater it cost too much and people are way too rude.

    I have a home theater in my basement, so I just wait until the DVD comes out.

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