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6 Ways to Stream Television Shows While Away From Home

People live in an age where they can watch their favorite television shows from anywhere. They can even keep up while they’re away from home. Many people have to travel for their jobs while others love to roam the world. You have a few ways to watch your favorite shows… Read more »

Black Friday 2015 TV Deals

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  If you think Black Friday 2015 is still two days away, you haven’t been paying attention at all. November 27th isn’t Black Friday… not anymore. Black Friday is now a week-long sales event that offers consumers some of the best bargains of the year on everything from home goods to… Read more »

mediabrowser is it an alternative to plex?

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I’ve been running plex at home for a few years now. Its great software and works very well. They have continued to add features and improve the product. But with all that time and effect they are now charging for the latest features. Its a great product and the developments… Read more »

3 Things You Need Before Buying an HDTV

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It’s finally happened — your television has broken, the screen sputtering in defeat. Your wife (or husband) has finally said… “Ok dear. Go buy a new TV. I know, I know, it’s like pulling teeth. But just do it.” You said, “Yes honey! I’ll go find a TV *sigh*” when… Read more »

Projector Accessories for Your Inner Drama Teacher

I’m going to take a boring subject and make it exciting! Whether you teach or enjoy showing off your favorite photographs, you will need projector accessories for your inner drama teacher- we all want the dramatic effect of having our work BIG and in front of everyone’s eyes. It’s dramatic…. Read more »