July 19, 2024

Adobe Ideas Takes Your Designs Mobile

Adobe Ideas is a tool that works like a combination between Photoshop and Illustrator. While on the go, designers can sketch images, manipulate photos, and get their creative juices flowing while not at home or the office. This application works on the iPad, but more unconventionally allows you to use your Cell phones to create compositions. It features the important Layers option featured in all other Adobe products as well as more options for resizing and manipulating your creations.
This new design app will hardware work best on the iPad 2 hardware Apple will soon release. Because of the large size of the device and Apple’s overwhelming market share within the graphic design community, they will already receive most of the purchases from this demographic. Steve Jobs envisioned the iPad as an eventual replacement for the home computer and Adobe Ideas is the ultimate app for people who adhere to his philosophy.

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, his new Kindle Fire device is not meant to be used for the creation of materials, but rather the consumption. There is a unique browser on the device that uses a cloud network to predict searching patterns and make recommendations to consumers about media decisions. The device is also only 8GB large which will prevent it from properly running any of Adobe’s memory intensive applications.
Because Apple doesn’t allow Flash to be used on its iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, the company has received grim economic news from people on Wall Street. According to the NASDAQ, shares of the company dropped from $26 to $24 due to a lack of speculation from the bear investors. With Ideas, the company is trying to establish itself on the iOS platform. There are already programs available on smartphones for vector design, photo-manipulation, and mobile web development that are better than Adobe’s
As with any design software, Adobe Ideas doesn’t give iPhone users the right to claim they are a graphic designer. Years of practice within the design community, proper education, and a compliance with modern trends and best practices are what makes a graphic designer. The already grim job market is flooding with amateurs who are taking jobs away from those who really know their way through design.
Adobe Ideas is a step in the right direction for the digital design software powerhouse. They might be a little late into the mobile game, but their brand presence will still be felt.

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  1. Never heard of Adobe ideas before. “Combination of Photoshop and Illustrator” – what more could a graphics designer want for max creativity! The iPad app seems pretty cool. Thanks for mentioning it.


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