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The Internet of things at home

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Now most people have multiple devices connecting to their home wireless. A few computers, tablets,phones, TV, BluRay players, game system,etc. But there are a lot more devices most people don’t know about that can connect to your wireless and let you control and connect data from them. You can get… Read more »

Android apps to improve your contacts

Here are some android apps to improve your contacts with additional information. Twitter and facebook apps already link to your existing contacts. But these applications can take it to the next level.   EboBirthday Maintain birthdays and anniversaries! * Can be auto-synced with the contacts’ notes and grab birthday data… Read more »

Reasons Why iPhone Gaming has Bang out in Popularity

Avid gamers have always been partial to either the computer or the gaming consoles. It was not until just the past few years that people really began to game on their Smartphone devices. You have a lot of options now for gaming between the Android and iPhone, but many wonder… Read more »