Instagram from zero to a billion — Infographic

Instagram isn’t the only mobile app that has filters and sharing, but it was one of the first and largest.



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8 thoughts on “Instagram from zero to a billion — Infographic

  1. Myrtle

    Instagram is actually a very popular app right now and a lot of Twitter users and even Facebook users are already into this.. I have heard that Facebook even bought Instragram..

    1. jayb Post author

      Instagram is popular, but most of its popularity is due to the fact it was the first app to have these features.

  2. Abhishek

    Yep..and that makes instagram stand out from all other photo editing apps. There are many photo editing apps doing better than instagram on the android market. But what triggered Facebook to set the deal for 1 billion $ – The immense popularity of Instagram !!

  3. James

    Hi, Jason! Mobility is the key word in any business, so all the websites around the world should be available for mobile apps. It’s only natural that Instagram is available for mobiles and is now Facebook’s property (Facebook is all about sharing and making friends)

  4. Cristian Stan

    FB users already started to tie up instagram in their account. Now, they can enjoy its service for free not only in Twitter, but also in FB. Much better apps where an FB user can organized his/her pictures.

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