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3 Essential Ways You Should Use Twitter For Your Blog

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Bloggers know that there’s nothing more important than trying to reach a wider audience. In a sea of competition, it’s more difficult now than ever before to get your blog noticed, as thousands of new blogs pop up every week. One resource that often gets overlooked when it comes to… Read more »

Go Viral with the Summer’s Hottest Social Sharing Tools

You spent over an hour writing the perfect blog post. You’ve added pictures that help your readers to visualize what it is you’re talking about and you kept your audience in mind. Once you press publish, though, what happens to the blog post that you just put so much time… Read more »

Make The Most Of The Facebook “Like It” Option

If you are considering resorting to the more famous social networking platforms like Facebook for adding that extra fillip to your publicity drive, you are definitely on the right track. However, just being part of a social networking platform would be hardly adequate. Using them to the best of your… Read more »

Using Twitter to Market Your Small Business

Like Facebook, Twitter can be a great marketing tool for small businesses. Twitter can be thought of as a public messaging system with millions of users. Between 5,000 and 10,000 people join Twitter every day, making it one of the fastest growing social media sites online. Twitter allows you to… Read more »

Facebook Subscribe or Twitter

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Facebook launched a major feature last year that was basically copied from Twitter. The new Facebook Subscribe button allows you to keep a track of feeds from any Facebook users that are public. You may not need to be a friend of the user to subscribe but they need to… Read more »

Why Should Big Businesses Connect With Their Users Using SMM?

The bigger your business is, the more it’s known amongst people. More people are associated with your brand; there are greater number of clients and greater number prospective clients. It’s more like a network of people, linked together. In simple words, who make a superstar a superstar? What makes the… Read more »

Making Google Search Social: Google Plus and Google Search Results Integration

Google has a point to prove with Google Plus and with its faltering social network way behind Facebook; Google has fired its next salvo in the epic battle. As part of this aggressive promotion strategy, Google has launched ‘Search plus Your World’. What this does is that from now on… Read more »