How Students can Make Money with Blogging

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If you are a student and looking for a part time job but you do not have enough time to work as a barista or a saleslady then blogging may help you earn money on the side. Students can make money blogging easily because it is a very flexible job. You can choose to work full time or part time depending on your availability. Here are the benefits of making money with blogging. 

Confidence- blogging will get your articles posted online along with your name on it. You will even see other people’s comments about it. The fact that people around the world will be seeing it, blogging may boost your confidence and make you feel special.

Authentic- there is no doubt that blogging is authentic and the experience can be much greater to what the subjects in school are teaching. Blogging will not only teach you to become conscious about your writing skills but it will also teach you to become responsible not only to yourself but to your surroundings as well. Blogging will help you improve your grammar knowing that people around the world will be commenting on it and the fact that you are getting paid to do it means you cannot afford to make any mistakes.

Grow your own personal network- if you want to work as a blogger, you have to know how to expand your own work. If you can get your friends or relatives to post your articles on their site, then it’s a good start for your own personal network. Just remember to be open to criticism because people may leave good or bad comments on it. Be patient and give it some time to spread, people will be retweeting, posting, sharing or leaving replies and you’d have made your own connections by then.

Earn easy money- writing for other blogs is another way to earn some extra money just by working for at least 2 to 3 hours a day which is actually not bad because you get to work in the comfort of your own home and all you’ll need is an internet connection and a computer. You’ll earn money depending on how many articles you can write. It is just like writing an essay for school.

Referrals- if you have gained a lot of satisfied clients, they even refer you to other clients as well. Doing a good job with blogging will definitely get you more clients and of course, that means you’ll be earning more money. Satisfied customers will even leave comments on your portfolio or blog, praising your work and how good you are as a blogger. Another boost for your ego and your income.

Being a student is not an excuse to skip out on saving up for your future. It’s the right time to be responsible and to prepare yourself of what’s yet to come.

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4 thoughts on “How Students can Make Money with Blogging

  1. Richa

    Blogging is surely a great way for students to make money. I regret a lot, as when I was studying I was just not aware about the avenues that blogging offers and I missed making on easy money during college days. thanks for this share.

  2. Cristian Stan

    Being a student who needs to earn money to support himself/herself can be very difficult. So having the chance to earn money while studying is an opportunity to students who want to achieve that financial freedom so they could concentrate more in their studies.

  3. Abhishek

    I take guest lectures in one of the colleges here and I encourage my students to take a shot at blogging. This is coz in addition to earning money, students can explore a whole lot of opportunities online world can offer and can think of making a career out of this in future…

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