July 17, 2024

The Most Useful WordPress Tutorials for Building Your Own Blog


WordPress is certainly one of the most popular Content Management Systems and blogging platforms around. It’s almost endlessly customizable, user-friendly, and supported by a wide and diverse community of developers. There are a number of great WordPress tutorials out there – from ones on creating your own theme to using the blog itself – and we’ve profiled the most useful, entertaining ones here.

So You Want To Create WordPress Themes, Huh?

This tutorial over at WPDesigner provides a simple, heavily guided tour into the world of WordPress theme-making–sans too much technical jargon. A series of 16 lessons, from “Intro” to “Comments Template” are each broken down into multiple, easy-to-follow steps. Links with useful tools are provided, too.

Using WordPress as a CMS

In this 27-minute video tutorial web designer Chris Coyler disputes the idea that WordPress is “just a blogging platform” – and shows designers and developers exactly how WordPress can be used as a rather superb content management system, using page templates, dynamic menus, etc.

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up WordPress After An Install

This handy guide, written by Angie Bowen of Pro Blog Design, reviews the 10 necessary steps to perform after any successful installation of a WordPress client, including changing the permalink structure, setting up your authors, fixing security, setting up discussions, activating your theme, setting up analytics, etc. It is especially useful for bloggers brand new to WordPress.

WordPress and SEO Marketing

So you’ve got a blog – now how do you market it? Yaost.com has a great, detailed tutorial on search engine optimization for your WordPress blog (in both video and text form). It’s updated regularly, and offers eight lesson plans for your perusal – complete with screenshots and clear explanations of coding.

Adding Social Buttons On Your Site

As you may know, no blog is ever complete without a full list of sharing buttons at the bottom of each post. After all, you probably want to share your content with friends and family members. Joost de Valk, again on Yoast, has a very useful text-based tutorial on adding social buttons to your WordPress blog, including the Facebook message and share buttons, Twitter, Google’s “+1,” LinkedIn, etc.


Let me know in the comments if you have another great WordPress tuturoial.

Timothy Cochand is a freelance writer for Adobe. Adobe offers image editing software like Photoshop which is a photo editor.

7 thoughts on “The Most Useful WordPress Tutorials for Building Your Own Blog

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  2. Awesome collection! A MUST-see for a WordPress newbie. I get e-mails for IM newbies who ask me how the heck can they get started with website building, etc. – I’ll be pointing all them to this post from now 🙂 Thanks for posting the best resources collection, Timothy.

  3. Pretty good list…Wordpress themes are actually pretty complex and it’s hard to keep up with the updates. A good theme takes alot of planning and a modular framework.

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  5. WordPress nowadays seems to be one of the most admired platform for blogging. I have even seen some of them switching to word press platform and run their business eCommerce website over there. It is the magic of plugins along with new technique of guest blogging has made this platform a most welcomed one.

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