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links for 2008-12-24

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Top 10 PowerShell scripts that VMware administrators should use « www.run-virtual.com (tags: vmware powershell) Upgrading VI tools on all VMs without reboot | Leo's Ramblings VI powershell toolkit (tags: vmware powershell) VMware: VI Toolkit (for Windows) (tags: scripting vmware esx powershell)

links for 2008-12-23

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Lucia’s Linky Love: A DoFollow Plugin to Foil Human Comment Spammers! : Big Bucks Blogger (tags: wordpress plugins nofollow) IntelliGantt (tags: sharepoint projectmanagement) Storage Monkeys – Home (tags: storage blog) Project Playlist | Myspace Playlist | Create, Share Music Playlists | Music Playlist || Facebook Playlist, Tagworld, Stickam, Hi5, Gaia,… Read more »

links for 2008-12-11

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Virtual Geek: Celerra Virtual Appliance HOWTO 201 – Adding More Physical Storage (tags: storage vmware emc) Featured Windows Download: TagScanner Renames and Tags Your Digital Music (tags: windows tagging tags)

links for 2008-09-28

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VI:OPS: Clearspace: VI:OPS (tags: vmware sysadmin virtualization) Robocopy Syntax, Command Line Switches and Examples » My Digital Life (tags: robocopy copy) PuTTY Connection Manager tab interface for putty (tags: tabs putty)

links for 2008-08-30

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Free Money Finance: Anyone Out There Use Coupon-Clipping Websites? (tags: money coupon) NoMachine NX – Desktop Virtualization and Remote Access Management Software (tags: windows vnc ubuntu remote x11) Virtual Geek: UPDATED! Get Yer Celerra Virtual Machine here! Running the Celerra simulator on ESX (tags: vmware virtual esx celerra emc)

Clear Virtualization Licensing from Microsoft

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Here’s an update to my previous post about Microsoft licensing on virtual infrastructure. Mark Wilson has posted an outline of the current Microsoft licensing stance when it comes to virtualization. Thankfully it just reaffirms what I’ve thought to be the case all along, but it’s great to get it confirmed… Read more »

ESX: esxtop reporting (xtravirt)

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Xtravirt posted this nice little command to pipe esxtop information to a csv file esxtop -b -d <delay in seconds> [-n <iterations>] > perfstats.csv ESX: esxtop reporting (xtravirt) jb

Network copy failed for file nvram

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  VMotion might fail if the source and target ESX Server hosts cannot resolve each other’s hostname. You might see the following error message: Network copy failed for file [storage]/foo/foo.nvram This happens most often when VitualCenter Server 2.0 is used to VMotion between ESX 2.5.3 Server hosts. Test the following… Read more »

Student Tip: Stopping WinSCP filepart errors

  Last week a student on my course gave me a tip. Personally, I perfer to use Veeam’s FastSCP for ESX Server when transferring files from my Windows Desktop to ESX 3. However, occasionally in the lab environments I work in I have to use WinSCP which is slower. One… Read more »

Using ESXTOP to collect performance statistics

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  RTFM Reader and regular contributor, Michael Knight has contacted me with some experiences and resources concerning gathering performance statistics using esxtop at the Service Console. It’s taken me sometime to blog about this, as I have been so busy with other work – Sorry about that Michael. Anyway, this… Read more »